Maker's breath, seriou...Bosh'tet!!!

Name: Victoire
Nickname: Alexis, Ghosty
-INFJ type
-French/Canadian/ probably born on another planet -Talking French and English
-German Shepherd FTW
-Mass Effect ( Turian and Quarian)
-Dragon Age
-Pacific Rim
-L4D ( I've 300 hours of playing XD )
-Star Trek
-Transformers (less into it because of the fandom. Good job..)
Goals: Be the best big sister. Go in Australia. Become someone in life.
Important tags:
#ghosty life adventure
#ghosty gaming adventure
#the happiness of my life
#Shakarian feels
#Mshenko feels
#fucking adorable!!!!!

There have a bit of what I did on the first two days in the ‘section’ chocolate of the year with my teammate. I’ve such a serious face xDDD the pictures have been taken by my chef.

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