Maker's breath, seriou...Bosh'tet!!!

Name: Victoire
Nickname: Alexis, Ghosty
-INFJ type
-French/Canadian/ probably born on another planet -Talking French and English
-German Shepherd FTW
-Mass Effect ( Turian and Quarian)
-Dragon Age
-Pacific Rim
-L4D ( I've 300 hours of playing XD )
-Star Trek
-Transformers (less into it because of the fandom. Good job..)
Goals: Be the best big sister. Go in Australia. Become someone in life.
Important tags:
#ghosty life adventure
#ghosty gaming adventure
#the happiness of my life
#Shakarian feels
#Mshenko feels
#fucking adorable!!!!!


Does any of one you who’s a Mass Effect fan have ME3 on PC? I’m looking for friends for play multiplayers with them ;w;

So my little sister is sick and she decided to stay with me while I’m playing at Mass Effect. She also a Garrus’ fan Cx




I have many playthroughs on mass effect but the only ones i feel work, at least for me, is Garrus and Kaidan. Now hear me out. Garrus has been there since the beginning. He was the only one besides Tali to willingly come back and accept you. To me he has the best romance for FemShep. Its not intense and life and death compared to the others. Its just the right amount of romance, not to much not to little. Hes like that friend on the sidelines who you dont see as a romance but in the end you cant help but love them and wonder why you didnt see it before. Kaidan i see as more of a fit for Mshep. Yes i know he can be with either or but to me he is more of a Mshep romance to me. Kaidan is strong willed and doesnt take nothing for granted. Because he wasnt a Mshep romance in 1 or 2 it makes it that much more real to me that he would be in 3. Waiting for the world to end is one way to confess your love. 


Game: Fire in short bursts to maintain accuracy.
Me: NEVER image

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It’d be an awfully empty galaxy without you.


The idea of Garrus getting bad dating information off the extranet and being saved by Jack just cracked me up.  This is art by