Name: Victoire
Nickname: Alexis, Ghosty
-French/Canadian/ probably born on another planet
-German Shepherd FTW
-Mass Effect ( Turian and Quarian)
-Dragon Age ( That royal bastard cutie face :3 )
-Pacific Rim
-L4D ( I've 300 hours of playing XD )
-Star Trek
-Transformers (less into it because of the fandom. Good job..)
Goals: Be the best big sister. Go in Australia. Become someone in life.
Important tags:
#ghosty life adventure
#the happiness of my life
#Shakarian feels
#Mshenko feels
#Alistair/Cousland feels
#fucking adorable!!!!!
#my art


"Daughters never grow up, Anora. They remain six years old with pig tails and skinned knees forever."

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I’m sorry you’re feeling down, I wish I could help. Feel better soon ♥

Now that I’ve killed some bad people I’m feeling better CX But thanks for your concern, it put a smile on my face. You helped me at least :)

Feeling really down. So I’m gonna play at Dragon Age or Mass Effect. And probably put Pacific Rim in the background.


Am start like like like this paring now and I don’t know why >3>


I get a lot of feelings when I think about how much pride and love Alistair has for the Warden Queen, like I just imagine them at an event some where and he’s just like 


Imagining bubble baths:

  • Garrus would be bemused. “So you just… sit in the water?” he’d ask, eying the tub dubiously. Shepard would flick some bubbles at him and grin as if to say, come in here and find out. Garrus finds out that bubble baths are another human custom that he likes very much indeed.
  • Kaidan would slide into the bath behind Shepard with two glasses of wine. He’d give a slow, sensual massage and sweet little neck kisses while they sit there soaking.
  • Alistair would play in the bubbles like a goober, and he and the Warden would get into a splash fight and get water all over the floor. They’d laugh about the mess and then end up cuddling for a while as the bubbles fade and the water cools around them. Alistair would definitely have a joke about pruny hands and feet ready when they get out.
  • Zevran would sit luxuriating in the bubbles and hot water, proclaiming that it’s almost as good as being back in Antiva. He’d be all smirks and innuendos until the Warden leans forward to kiss him sweetly, thanking him for setting up something so lovely. He’d stumble over his words for once, and settle for pouring a bit more bath oil in the tub to hide his pleased blush.
  • Fenris would be awkward at first, unsure of where to sit or put his feet or his hands, until Hawke pulls him by the arm into the bath. He’d come up coughing and spluttering and glaring, but can’t help smiling a little when Hawke kisses his nose in apology. Then it would be all careful touches and finding comfort in the warm water and the bubbles and each other.
  • Anders would practically purr when he slips into the tub, because Maker, it’s been ages since he’s had a real bath. He’d be so delighted to bask in the hot water that he’d hug Hawke tight to him, smiling so hugely that his cheeks almost hurt. He’d bury his face in Hawke’s shoulder, unable to express how much something so small as a bath with his lover means to him.